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5 Design Considerations for Wireless Communication Gateways

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Are you planning to create a wireless communication gateway to integrate various devices in an internet-of-things (IoT)? Below are issues that have to be considered when the gateway is being designed. Node Connectivity A wireless gateway allows the nodes linking the end-devices, such as your front door and the air conditioning system, to the central server. The ease with which those nodes can access the wireless communication gateway should be considered during gateway design. Read More»

Smile! You're On Camera: Tips for Maximising the Effectiveness of Your CCTV

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It’s common knowledge that CCTV is an excellent staple in any home security system.  Not only does it act as a deterrent for would-be criminals and give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going on outside your home at any given time, but it also records footage of any that do make an attempt to intrude on your property.  However, if you want to get the best possible results, it’s not as simple as putting up a camera outside your home and leaving it there. Read More»

Investing in a Color Photocopier: Key Considerations to Make

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Whether it’s for your photocopying business, for home use or for the office, investing in a color printer is beneficial for numerous reasons such as maintaining the colorful appeal of the documents you photocopy. However, with the numerous companies manufacturing various brands of color photocopiers, it is essential to have a general idea of what to look for to make an informed investment. Quite often, consumers purchase color copiers without considering the implications of the type of copier they buy, only to realize later that they made the wrong choice. Read More»

Tips for Hiring a Website Designer

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Virtually all business owners nowadays need a website that will allow them to advertise their products or services. While there are plenty of free “build-your-own” site templates available, the truth is that to create a professional-looking, unique, and functional online presence, you need to hire a website designer. If you’re thinking about doing this, here are some tips that should help you with this process. Be certain about costs and terms Read More»

Is Ethernet Better Than Wi-Fi?

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In many situations, a wireless connection to a local area network or the internet is preferred to one which is hard wired. This could be because the device that is being used is a mobile one, like a tablet or a smartphone, for example. Furthermore, providing a Wi-Fi connection in a public place is often more convenient than asking people to plug their devices in. For instance, shops and hotels which provide internet for their customers will often choose to do so via their Wi-Fi coverage rather than Ethernet. Read More»

What Are Trunk-to-Trunk Transfers?

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With a stand-alone telephone that is connected to a single line only, it is not possible to do very much with an incoming call other than answer it. On the other hand, a business phone system offers a great deal more functionality, such as the ability to place calls on hold, to transfer to another extension and to connect with a third-party piece of telephony equipment, such as a voicemail system. Read More»

The Various Benefits of Mobile Whiteboards

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There are only a handful of dry erase whiteboards available out there on the market today, but you can never go wrong if you choose a mobile whiteboard. Continue reading on to familiarise yourself with the various benefits that mobile whiteboards have to provide their users. They come in different material selections Whiteboards come in a range of different materials, and mobile whiteboards are no exception. The most widely used materials are melamine/plastic, porcelain/ceramic and glass. Read More»

5 Signs That Show Your Business Needs A Data Cabling Upgrade

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You may already have a data cabling system installed in your business premises. However, is your data cabling network in the best shape possible? Can more be done to improve the state of your data network system? As you well know, a data system is vital for the functioning of most business. And sometimes, a data cabling upgrade is an investment worth taking to keep your business running smoothly. Below, see the different signs that point to a data network that needs a cabling upgrade. Read More»

Commercial Data Cabling Installation: The Various Upsides of Fibre Optics

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Today, more and more businesses across Australia are resorting to fibre-optic internet connectivity. The soaring popularity of fibre optic cables can be attributed to the many benefits it has to offer modern-day companies, be it big or small. If you are contemplating what type of network cable you should use, here are some good reasons to consider fibre optics. Better data transmission One of the biggest advantages of fibre optic connectivity is its ability to transmit large amounts of data at great speeds. Read More»