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The Various Benefits of Mobile Whiteboards

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There are only a handful of dry erase whiteboards available out there on the market today, but you can never go wrong if you choose a mobile whiteboard. Continue reading on to familiarise yourself with the various benefits that mobile whiteboards have to provide their users.

They come in different material selections

Whiteboards come in a range of different materials, and mobile whiteboards are no exception. The most widely used materials are melamine/plastic, porcelain/ceramic and glass. The most inexpensive whiteboards are the ones made of melamine/plastic. Melamine whiteboards are ideal for light use, as they wear easily. In addition, these whiteboards are notorious for 'ghosting' problems. Ghosting happens when markers leave behind stains on your whiteboard when the marker cannot be easily wiped off the surface by using an eraser.

If you need a heavy-use whiteboard, you had better go for a porcelain whiteboard, as this type of whiteboard is specifically designed to hold up well against the use and abuse of heavy applications. The surface of the board will not easily get scratched or dented even with frequent use by multiple users. Because of its non-porous quality, the whiteboard keeps looking new for long with minimal cleaning. Given all these benefits, it costs more to buy a mobile whiteboard made of porcelain.

If you want a board that has a truly elegant and modern look, but still offers all of the benefits a porcelain whiteboard can provide, you should consider getting yourself a mobile whiteboard made of glass. Glass whiteboards are completely non-porous, meaning you can forget about ever smudging the surface of your boards.

They are a cost-effective solution

As mobile whiteboards can be easily moved from room to room, you won't have to buy a whiteboard for every room, especially if the boards do not need to be used simultaneously. This means you can save money for other important projects. Plus, you can always choose a whiteboard type that suits your budget, as there is a variety of board materials to choose from.

They can be used as partitions

Mobile whiteboards can also work well when used as room dividers in large rooms with an open floor plan. Better still, a lot of mobile whiteboards can be height-adjusted to match the requirements of different users.

When it comes to choosing a suitable mobile whiteboard for your space, it is important to keep in mind that not every whiteboard is made the same. Take your budget, objective and space into account before deciding to go with one mobile whiteboard or the other.