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Commercial Data Cabling Installation: The Various Upsides of Fibre Optics

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Today, more and more businesses across Australia are resorting to fibre-optic internet connectivity. The soaring popularity of fibre optic cables can be attributed to the many benefits it has to offer modern-day companies, be it big or small. If you are contemplating what type of network cable you should use, here are some good reasons to consider fibre optics.

Better data transmission

One of the biggest advantages of fibre optic connectivity is its ability to transmit large amounts of data at great speeds. In today's highly competitive business world, ensuring fast data transfer rates is very important. Quick transmission of data can help improve the efficiency of the entire data network, as data will be retrieved for use much faster. When the demand for Internet access in your business is heavy, your employees should not experience slow Internet connectivity as they are downloading or uploading large files, for example.

Immunity to EMI

EMI is an acronym that stands for electromagnetic interference. The omission of metallic components in the design of fibre optics will ensure your data cables do not conduct electricity. As there is no electromagnetic radiations, it is difficult to tap or intercept the emissions. As intercepting the fibre without detection requires a great level of skill, fibre is a secure medium for transmitting crucial business-related data. 

No electrical hazards

Where electricity is being used, the risk of a fire hazard is always present. As they do not carry electrical current, fibre optics do not generate sparks that may cause fire accidents. This improves workplace safety, but also minimises your liability for workplace accidents. You can also significantly reduce the cost of insurance for your building premises by reducing the risk of a fire hazard.

Ease of installation

For the simple reason that fibre optics are lightweight, they are easy to set up. They can also be conveniently run parallel to existing electric cables because there is no worrying about the potential for EMI. This is a big advantage for businesses that want to meet their data cabling requirements over the short term.

Space saving

Fibre optics are not just more lightweight, but they are also much thinner. This means they will take up less space as compared to other traditional cables of the same bandwidth. This advantage is particularly important for commercial buildings with restricted spaces.  

Therefore, there are lots of important advantages you can reap by using fibre optics for your commercial data cabling installation.