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5 Signs That Show Your Business Needs A Data Cabling Upgrade

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You may already have a data cabling system installed in your business premises. However, is your data cabling network in the best shape possible? Can more be done to improve the state of your data network system? As you well know, a data system is vital for the functioning of most business. And sometimes, a data cabling upgrade is an investment worth taking to keep your business running smoothly. Below, see the different signs that point to a data network that needs a cabling upgrade.

Your data system still uses the same cables installed originally If your data cabling infrastructure still uses the original cables installed years ago, then you definitely need an upgrade service. Data cables should be switched out every 4-5 years. This helps to revamp the integrity of your data connections. A fresh cabling service also helps to identify and get rid of dormant cables that long ceased to be useful.

Your data network keeps experiencing failure downtimes Like with any other system, if your data network keeps experiencing problems such as overheating, it could be because you have delayed certain maintenance upgrades for too long. If you are experiencing overheating issues, for example, you might want to invest in a cooling system. Or you may need to have the data cables re-organized to facilitate better air transfer across the server racks.  

Your servers are too crowded inside the racks As time goes by, your data needs and networks balloon. Your data hardware, too, needs to be upgraded to match that capacity. If you find that your data servers are almost full inside the racks, you need to buy more racks. This will allow you to space out the servers in a more flexible manner. Doing so creates more room to spread out the cables, thus reducing cabling confusion. Better server storage also helps to reduce the risk of overheating.  

You have no dedicated data room If you find that you have servers and probably several server racks, but no data room, you need to upgrade your system and create a dedicated data room. This will allow you to have a safe and conducive environment where you can store all your important data equipment away from the work areas. Doing so averts damage to your important data hardware and creates a quieter atmosphere for work.  

Your data system still uses traditional ethernet or coaxial cabling You can also tell that your data system needs an upgrade if you are still using traditional coaxial and ethernet cables. Although these are fine, fibre optic cabling offers much faster data speeds. If you upgrade your data system to fibre, you can enjoy faster speeds and better quality in data and voice services.

Need a data cabling upgrade? Talk to a data cabling electrician, such as those found at One Step Ahead Communications, and have them inspect your system for possible upgrades.