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Investing in a Color Photocopier: Key Considerations to Make

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Whether it's for your photocopying business, for home use or for the office, investing in a color printer is beneficial for numerous reasons such as maintaining the colorful appeal of the documents you photocopy. However, with the numerous companies manufacturing various brands of color photocopiers, it is essential to have a general idea of what to look for to make an informed investment.

Quite often, consumers purchase color copiers without considering the implications of the type of copier they buy, only to realize later that they made the wrong choice. Thus, if you are looking to make an investment on a color photocopier, here are important factors to think about before making the purchase.

Color quality of the print

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous brands of color printers currently available in the market. Each brand has its pros and cons depending on what the manufacturer decided to emphasize on.

One factor most consumers fail to consider is the color quality of the copier, mainly because they think the quality is a uniform aspect for all brands. However, color quality varies from brand to brand.

Hence, when purchasing a color printer, conduct a reconnaissance with various brand dealers making sure you request for a sample photocopy. Once you have various color copied specimens, compare and contrast the color quality regarding the brightness, sharpness, and depth of the colors.

Compatibility with numerous devices

Traditional color photocopiers only worked with desktop computers and laptops via a data cable. However, recently manufactured color copiers have the capability to work with handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones via a WI-FI connection for convenience.

Such color photocopiers are efficient because they can get operated from numerous devices via a wireless connection as opposed to a single desktop computer via a data cable.

Additional features

Nowadays, color photocopiers get utilized for more than one function (photocopying). Remember, the more functions you can get from a single color copier machine, the better.

For instance, there are color photocopiers that include additional features such as scanning, printing, and fax. Hence, if purchasing a copier is the first step in equipping your business, you may want to consider buying a multipurpose color photocopier that houses a scanner, a printer, and a fax machine as opposed to buying them individually.

You never know, the cost of a multi-purpose color photocopier could be cheaper than the total cost of purchasing various pieces of equipment separately.

The color photocopier's servicing contract

When buying a color a copier, make sure you fully understand the service contract provided by the sales person or dealer. The service contract provides a rough estimate of the ongoing expenses of the copier for a stipulated amount of time usually between three to five years.

Servicing a color printer costs money, so it is important for a consumer to know how much they expect to pay. The service cost varies with dealers. If you operate on a tight budget, you may want to consider the dealer with the most favorable servicing prices.