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4 Reasons to Pair Your Flatscreen TV with a Soundbar

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Your TV is probably one of the most expensive items in your house, so it makes sense to make the most out of it. What you hear is just as important as what you see, which is why many people are picking up soundbars. These long units sit right beneath your TV to take over from built-in speakers. Here are just four reasons you should invest in one.

1. Superior Sound Compared to Your TV

Most people remember when TVs were large and boxy with slightly curved screens. In the last couple of decades, the move toward flatscreen TVs has been almost complete—you'll now find one in just about every home. Flatscreens provide an exceptional viewing experience and a neater appearance, but sound quality tends to suffer since only very small speakers can be fitted within the TV itself. A soundbar contains several speakers that would be too wide to put in your TV. Fitting one with your flatscreen will complement the TV's fantastic image with equally strong audio.

2. Ease of Use

Using several external speakers to create a home cinema system is still possible, but not many people like going through the hassle. With a soundbar, things are different. All you need to do is plug one end of an HDMI cable into your TV and another into the soundbar itself, although many newer models work wirelessly. Once connected, you simply position the soundbar beneath your TV. There's no need to play around with positioning individual external speakers to get things just right. If you want plug-and-play superior sound, the soundbar is king.

3. Exceptional Surround Sound

Plenty of people assume that soundbars are just one long speaker. In fact, soundbars contain multiple speakers within their housing, which means you can enjoy a true surround sound experience. Better yet, many more high-end soundbars offer '3D sound'. This means audio output is simulated to feel like speakers are positioned all around you instead of just in one place. It makes a huge difference to your viewing experience.

4. Multiple Device Connection

Soundbars are designed for use with TVs, but that isn't the only device they can connect with. Most models feature a Bluetooth receiver, so you can also sync them with your smartphone or tablet to play music while the TV is off. That means you don't need to invest in both TV speakers and music speakers, and you can even control your soundbar through voice commands using your smartphone.

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