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3 Key Things to Consider Before You Install A New Data Cabling System

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Are you starting a new business, relocating it or simply upgrading its network? It's of vital importance to make sure you install the right type of data cabling. The type of data cabling you choose will determine just how efficient and productive your entire office network will be. With multiple data cabling options to choose from, selecting the most ideal for your business will require careful consideration of a few aspects.

This guide will point you in the right direction regarding what elements you need to have in mind when selecting data cabling for your business.

Your Needs

The first place to start is to consider your office setup and know what you need to support it. There's a lot you can think of in this regard. First, you can start by determining the volume of data that you need your office or business network to handle. If you're relocating your office or upgrading its network, you may also want to consider the number of workstations that are currently connected to the network.

Other essential aspects to have in mind include the number of employees you currently have, the distance you need the data cables to travel, and even your budget. All these elements will help you determine the ideal data cable speeds and bandwidth you need to support the network operations of your business.

The Adaptability of The Data Cabling System

Evolving business demands mean your technology needs will also change with time. It's imperative to invest in data cabling infrastructure that can quickly and effectively adapt to any changes. The wrong data cabling system can be quite costly in the long run. That's because it will be unable to adapt to your growing business demands, resulting in downtime issues.

Data traffic is the crucial element you need to think of when it comes to adaptability. Usually, a data cabling system with insufficient bandwidth tends to strangle data traffic. Therefore, as a general rule of the thumb, always go for the greatest bandwidth when selecting a data cabling system for your office. It may be costly upfront but can save you a significant amount of money later on.

The Network Environment

The network environment in which you want to install the data cabling system also matters. For the cables to work efficiently, they have to run in an environment that is free from interference. Interference can originate from radio waves, electromagnetic equipment, etc. If your cables will run close to such a 'noisy' environment with interference, consider shielded cabling. Also, fibre optic cabling, as opposed to copper cabling, tends to be less susceptible to electromagnetic interference and would be an ideal option.