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Common Network Issues: An Introduction

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The internet is an ever-expanding network that provides individuals with the ability to work from home, play games online and purchase products and services online. As the number of people using computers and accessing the internet has sky-rocketed, so has the demand for networks. This article looks at some common issues that affect computer networks. Connectivity Malfunctions Physical connectivity malfunctions can be caused by bad cables or faulty equipment. An example of this would be your router not sending signals or computers losing connection with each other on your Wi-Fi. Read More»

Hard Drive and Data Destruction: Your Questions Answered

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Ones and zeros are the digital code for everything that happens in the technology world. Your tax returns, your work files, your photos — all of them are stored as data on a hard drive, and if it falls into the wrong hands then you could be at serious risk. If you have a hard drive you need to dispose of, you may be wondering about the steps you can take to ensure that all of the data on the drive is destroyed or erased. Read More»